Lucem Sequimur

It ’s been a long night, and it ’s been a lot of suffering. Over the past year, we have experienced too many accidents. We can’t talk about being busy, but we also feel exhausted. We still have a long way to go. Before that, I need to be clear. Our goal and turnaround plan for this.

In the next long period of time, Sundawn will be operated by me alone. Although it has been the case from the beginning to the present, I still feel that my companions need time to improve themselves. This is also what I think is necessary, regardless of whether they are Will return, will participate in Sundawn’s work, I will encourage them to grow into a better existence.

There are many hardships on the road to success. Maybe we took a big circle and finally returned to the original point, but what I want to say is that entrepreneurship is the same, life is also the same, you must have the heart of fighting in the past, and you must challenge tomorrow. Manner, I believe that opportunity and effort are together, and this will come soon.

Once again, I wish the first anniversary of the establishment of Sundawn Studio, and wish everyone a happy and happy future.


Founder of Sundawn Studio HaoJun0823

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