Today is the last day of 2020. Sundawn Studio has been established for one and a half years.

During this year, we have encountered many accidents. Whether it is the invasion of the epidemic or the parting of our partners, we are deeply saddened. However, we have also learned lessons from the pain, seen the future from the trough, and life is also In this way, you can taste the tastes in the ups and downs, and everything in the world is a dish among the people. I just want to say that we have little experience and there is still a lot to understand.

In the second half of the year, we have been quietly planning, thinking, and choosing our future. We are aware of our problems and our predicaments, but in any case, we need to move forward to win tomorrow. For this reason, We have to walk a long way, radiating our brilliance among the bright stars.

The next year will be very difficult. I will avoid those crises passively and take this opportunity to refine myself, learn to be humble, learn to be generous, learn to understand, and let kindness come from my heart.

Finally, I wish you all the best next year and live fearlessly.


Founder of Sundawn Studio HaoJun0823

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